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A view into the cave

Explore the way up
to the caves

Before you decide to visit the Eisriesenwelt, from a distance you can get a first impression of the adventure that is awaiting you. Our interactive way up guides you from the valley to the entrance to the deepest, darkest secrets of the largest ice cave in the world. The true beauty of the Eisriesenwelt can only be experienced if you come and wonder at it with your own eyes.


5 km long car journey
along the toll-free asphalt access road


500 m

Starting from the village of Werfen, a 5 km long, asphalt access road leads to the Eisriesenwelt car park next to the visitor centre.


Approx. 20 minutes walking time
A slight uphill gravel path leads from the visitor centre to the cable car valley station


Visitor centre
1.000 m

Your online ticket schedules your entry here at check-in to a time period of 30 minutes. Cash desk: 8:30 - 15:00

The rush of visitors is usually very large, especially in the midday hours between 10:00 and 14:00.

3-minute cable car journey

„Ich bin hier seit 22 Jahren Höhlenführer. An starken Besuchstagen mache ich die Tour bis zu 6 mal. So habe ich sicher schon über 5.000 mal die Tour gemacht.“ Bergführer Sigi

Cable car journey
1.575 m

The cable car generally runs from 08.45, at least every half hour or additionally as required.


Approx. 20 minutes walking time
The short walk is easy for people who are healthy.


Way up to the
cave entrance
1.641 m

The caves can be reached by means of an easily walkable gravel path. Despite a slight incline, the way up is easy to manage.


Bei meinen Klettertouren in der Höhle habe ich schon mehrmals Fledermaus- Skelette gefunden. Die größte Anzahl an Lebewesen in der Höhle bilden jedoch mit Sicherheit die vielen menschlichen Höhlenbewunderer! Bergführer Sigi

The tour
starts now
1.775 m

Take around 70 minutes to discover the entire Eisriesenwelt. The highest point in the cave can be reached by climbing 700 steps.

Due to the cool temperature inside the cave, we recommend wearing warm clothing, gloves and a hat.

Ready for the Eisriesenhöhle?

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