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National Geographic visits the Eisriesenwelt

The way to the cave entrance - Robbie Shone - National Geographic

Photos & Videos by Robbie Shone

At the end of last year, we welcomed National Geographic to the Eisriesenwelt as part of a documentary about Europe's most impressive ice caves.

National Geographic cave photographer Robbie Shone captured fantastic shots of the world's largest ice cave, and we don't want to withhold them from you. From the approach at dusk to the ice palace with sparkling ice crystals illuminated by magnesium light.


The adventure starts - Robbie Shone - National Geographic

The best time for a visit

National Geographic made a conscious decision to visit because the existence of ice caves - not only the Eisriesenwelt - could be threatened in the medium term by climate change. In light of this fact, the impressive video footage of the Eisriesenwelt by Tobias Margreiter becomes a memento of a natural wonder that will not last forever.



Find out what impact climate change could have on the Eisriesenwelt and what the world's largest ice cave tells us about temperature fluctuations over the last millennia.


Experience with your own eyes:
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Have you been inspired by Robbie Shone's photographs?

JAround 200,000 visitors experience it every year: the ice giant world is even more impressive in person than in pictures and videos. A visit to the world's largest ice cave is a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

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